Allison provides direct occupational therapy treatment in the comfort of your own home! A multi-sensory approach is used to assist in building fine motor, visual motor, and sensory processing skills through various techniques and programs, as well as collaborating with parents, siblings, teachers, and other therapists. Therapy sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. This includes 45 minutes of direct OT services as well as 15 minutes to take notes, update the parents on progress, and discuss activities to assist in carry-over throughout the week. OT sessions are provided on an individual basis to ensure the most individualized treatment plan for each and every child.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation includes time spent assessing the child, interviewing the parent/caregiver, scoring of standardized assessments and formal write-up and treatment plan to be discussed with the parent/caregiver within one week of the assessment.


The re-evaluation includes time spent assessing the child, scoring of assessments, documentation of short term goals, and a formal write-up; Re-evaluations typically occur every 6-9 months during the regular treatment session.


Allison is available to do school observations and/or consult with your child’s teacher, therapists, doctors, etc., so that all professionals can work together to meet a child’s goals and objectives. The recipient of consultation is typically not the child, but another professional. Consultation is a type of service delivery that allows a child to have multiple opportunities throughout the day to use a particular skill. For example, an OT may consult with the child’s classroom teacher about various materials/tools that may assist a child within the classroom setting. This way the child can use these materials/tools throughout the day and not just when the OT is present.

Fees, Payment, and Insurance

Please contact Allison for service fees. Payment for therapy is the responsibility of the child’s parent and/or caregiver and due at the time service is provided. Allison does not file for insurance; she will provide you with a detailed billing receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for their consideration.